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Dr. John Shin

Dr. John Shin

Graduated From CWRU and attended Medical School at the Ohio State University. He received an MBA degree from CWRU after his residency program at CCF and Summa (Internal Medicine)


My hobbies when time allows are: reading history especially ancient civilization and cultures, analyzing companies financial data (trying to put my MBA degree to good use), all sports but especially active in men’s softball in the summer and fall, tennis and fishing. Of course, I’m a huge fan of OSU Buckeyes and all the Cleveland professional teams.


I enjoy being a physician not only for the sciences but more so because I can impact a person’s life, usually in a positive way. Cosmetic Rejuvenation allows me to bring satisfaction and joy to those patients seeking to improve their appearance. Although I like all the services I provide, such as tattoo and mole removal, Botox injections, superficial vein laser, my favorite is dermal fillers because I think it gives me and the patient immediate and positive results.


Dr. Shin’s Credentials include:

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Residency at Cleveland Clinic & Summa Health Systems

Certified in Laser Tattoo Removal

Certified in neurotoxins and filler injections

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